Automation Technician

Salary And Compensation

$ 18 - $ 30 per hour

Job Location

Allenton, Wisconsin Onsite

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Job Descriptions

Permanent 8 hour shift Day shift Monday to Friday

With a diverse skill set covering maintenance, welding, machining, fabrication, and assembly, this role presents an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking professional growth and the chance to unleash their creativity. The responsibilities within this role are multifaceted and dynamic. They encompass meticulously examining parts for quality assurance, efficiently operating a variety of machinery throughout the production process to ensure optimal output, and meticulously ensuring order completeness by accurately counting finished products. Additionally, the role involves seamlessly assembling projects both in-house and at customer facilities, requiring a keen eye for detail and precision. Moreover, troubleshooting challenges as they arise and conducting thorough quality checks contribute to a fast-paced and engaging work environment. Maintenance tasks are addressed promptly and effectively to ensure uninterrupted operations, underscoring the importance of proactive problem-solving skills. The ideal candidate for this role will demonstrate proficiency in interpreting blueprints and utilizing a tape measure, along with possessing strong communication and organizational abilities. This role places a premium on individuals who excel in problem-solving and decision-making, making it an ideal fit for those looking to embark on a fulfilling and stimulating career path.

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Company Info

C&D Automated Systems

Are you hard-working, determined, reliable, and ready to learn? We are a custom design machine manufacturing company, looking to add valuable players to our team. There are a variety of opportunities, working in different departments and being able to get the most hands-on experience within C&D Automated Systems. We are a team inspired work environment as well as using and encouraging the creativity of all individuals. We try to create an enjoyable atmosphere while getting the work done and encourage work/life balance.

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