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3D Designer

Design and create three-dimensional models based on customer specifications and requirements. Other duties will include developing a 3D design for new products, reviewing and improving the 3D design of existing products and understanding project requirements.


To use your extensive skill set and 3D knowledge to realise clients designs.
Adapt to different client markets, from retail and shopper marketing campaigns involving many media to one time commercial environment products.
Demonstrate conceptual skill sets to provide bespoke one-off designs.
To understand internal workflow and manufacturing processes
To ensure efficient and innovative 3D solutions.


Knowledge of the latest creative design trends.
3D rendering using SolidWorks PhotoView.
Create custom 3D designs for a wide range of clients and budgets.
Two years or more of experience in the Exhibitions industry.
Schedule design work across the organisation.
Have a cost-benefit analysis and design within a budget.
Calculate the weight of the display and the material.
Take the initiative and be proactive.
Capable of dealing with constructive criticism and taking creative direction.
A strong portfolio that demonstrates creativity and exceptional ideas.
A Bachelors in a relevant design discipline.
Supervisory skills and a strong work ethic
Excellent communication skills, including the ability to work as part of a team.
Full working knowledge of 3D Studio Max and AutoCAD.
Creative flair, a keen interest in design and an eye for detail