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5 Secrets to Beat your Competition and get Hired

5 Secrets to beat your competition and get hired

With an unemployment rate of just under ten percent, qualified applicants for every open position face stiff competition in the marketplace. Getting an interview is only the first step in finding a new job; how do you get an offer? Tips and tricks will not help you stand out as the best candidate among all the others. You must show that you are the best candidate by portraying yourself as a consummate professional. Here’s a list of five secrets to crushing your competition:

Nail the basics: It goes without saying that you must master the fundamentals. This includes the obvious things like arriving on time, dressing for success, and having a well-written results-oriented resume. These items are simple, but they should not be overlooked.

Do your homework: There is no excuse for not conducting some basic research on your target company today, with a variety of internet tools at your disposal. Simply visiting their company website will provide you with a wealth of information. Use tools like LinkedIn to find people in your network who may currently work there or have previously worked there. See if you can connect with them. If this is the case, contact them to have a brief phone conversation and learn more about the company. See if you can find any information about the company at your local business library. If possible, pay a visit to their facility or store and speak with some of their employees. Each situation is unique, but make sure to do your homework.

Ask Great Questions: After you’ve done your research, think about some key questions you’d like to ask during the interview about customers, products, operations, growth plans, the position, and so on. One simple way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to ask these key questions – difficult, insightful questions that most people will not ask. Most interviewers will ask if you have any questions, so instead of politely declining the opportunity, take advantage of it. You will be able to demonstrate that you did your homework, understand the industry, and will be a valuable member of the team by asking key questions. Discover what keeps them awake at night.

Deliver a consistent message: Maintain a consistent message about your key abilities and skills. Practice your elevator speech until you know it by heart. Know what you’re selling about yourself, and use every opportunity to emphasise it. Use the same technics that experienced politicians use to make their point during a brief television interview. They know what they’re selling, and regardless of the question, they incorporate it into the answer or incorporate it into the follow-up answer. Make it clear who you are and what you excel at.

Think like a consultant: Consultants consider themselves to be problem solvers. Finally, people are hired to provide solutions to a company’s problems. If you asked the right questions, you will have uncovered some of the most pressing issues confronting the company or that particular team. You will be among the top candidates and dramatically increase your chances of success if you can closely match your skills and experience to solutions that solve problems for the company.