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To determine or keep records of assets, liabilities, profits and losses, tax obligations, or other financial operations inside the organization, analyze financial data and generate financial reports.

Participate in, administer and organize both internal and external training.
Advanced proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel and Outlook.
Provide suggestions for new system enhancements.
Handle closings on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
Accounts payable and receivable must be reconciled.
Ensure that bank payments are made on schedule.
Prepare tax returns and compute taxes.
Manage Balance sheets and profit/loss statements
Report about the company’s financial health and liquidity.
Examine all financial transactions and paperwork.
Maintain financial data confidentiality and backup databases as needed.
Adhere to financial policies and regulations.

Proven client portfolio management experience.
Excellent writing and verbal communication skills, as well as interpersonal and organizational abilities.
Ability to concentrate, focus and work in a fast-paced setting.
Attention to detail and correctness, deadline-oriented.
Requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance.
Experience working in an accounting environment.
Strong organizational abilities and a keen eye for detail are required.