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AI Engineer

Create intelligent algorithms that can learn, analyze, and forecast future events.

Need a deep knowledge of machine learning, including model building and testing.
evaluate and compare algorithm performance based on large, real-world data sets.
Advanced coding in various programming languages.
Conducting statistical analysis and result interpretation.
Data mine from multiple sources to gain insights.
Acceleration of existing algorithms and models.
Conduct research to provide automated solutions to real-world problems such as chatbots to improve customer experience and service.
Collaborate with data scientists and architects, as well as business analysts to ensure that the analytics back-end corresponds to the business objectives.
Automate processes by utilizing machine learning
Review current AI solutions and implement improvements as new developments happen in the industry
Advanced coding in various languages
Manage software upgrade deployment.
Coordinating with multiple teams internally and externally
Conducting statistical analysis and interpreting the results essential in the decision-making process for the organization
To supply consumer and market feedback that may be incorporated into future products. Using that information to inform and coordinate with the Product Management and Engineering departments

Ability to effectively interact with management and engineering
Experience working with developers or researchers.
The ability to operate directly with modern deep learning software architecture and frameworks
Mathematical background with a great interest in new Machine Intelligence frameworks and approaches.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with lateral thinking
Skills in C++ and software architecture
A solid background in machine learning, high-performance computing, or a math-intensive technical field.
Effective multitasking skills