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Air Quality Consultant

Measure air pollution and air quality at various locations and report on the results. Record and analyse the results to produce reports to determine if pollution levels are harmful to human health and ecosystem habitats.

Plan and organize a site and condition-specific testing procedures.
Plan monitoring programs for certain areas where pollution effects need to be monitored regularly over time or constantly.
Collaborate as part of a team of other disciplined environmental consultants such as soil and water to achieve a full overview of an environmental polluting event.
Transport, set up, calibrate and problem solve all necessary diagnostics equipment.
Collate data collected and use it in analysis to provide environmental information required to assess the specific pollution concern for that area.
Carry out dispersion modeling to establish the full effect of possible pollution sources
Assist with the submission of Environmental Permit applications.
Plan for environmental compliance of pollution sources ie offsetting a new roads CO emission by planting trees

Work alone or coordinate a team or contractors.
Technical ability to operate, maintain, program all testing equipment.
Excellent data diagnostic and report writing skills.
Driving licence is required as travel and transportation of equipment to the testing sites is required and these can be in remote locations.