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Animation Director

Responsible for overseeing and leadership of the animation team. In collaboration with the director and VFX supervisor, the animation director is responsible for directing, defining and maintaining the continuity of performance during the show/feature.

Obtaining and producing critical game-ready animation content.
Identifying potential issues in the animation pipeline and collaborating with the Producer(s) to avoid them.
Responsible for establishing and enforcing the animation production pipeline throughout the project cycle.
Managing and driving the animation team to achieve overall goals and complete projects on time.
Supervising the timeline of animation content as it moves through the pipeline.
Collaborating with the Producer and Project Director to recognize and prepare project animation requirements.
Following up on and supporting developed animation content from outsourcers or subordinate artists.
Collaborating with Gameplay and Animation Programmers to come up with technical solutions and ideas.

Strong time administration skills, as well as the ability to prioritize tasks, juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
Experience with pipelines is required for both game animation and pre-rendered animation for movie and visual effects.
Exceptional leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills.
Excellent communicator, both creatively and technically.
Extensive knowledge of motion capture pipelines.
Several years of experience animating characters and creatures, as well as facial animation, skeletal construction and point weighting.
Ability to balance the effects of deadlines and resources with the style and quality requirements of an animated title’s animation direction.
Shows command of storytelling, craftsmanship and continuity.
Animation Direction and Visual effects Lead expertise on at least one shipped game is preferred.
3-5 years of animation expertise in the games industry.
Passion for creating and playing great games, as well as knowledge of contemporary titles and industry trends.
Must be familiar with at least one type of animation software (MotionBuilder, for example).
Understands the game design techniques and methodologies.