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Animation Programmer

Work with design and animation to improve, innovate and maintain these software systems. During the creative process, as the team’s ideas evolve, there is a constant need to match the software to the solution that’s needed.

Create and maintain animation systems.
Expansion and enhancement of animation technology within the COBRA engine and supporting tools.
Optimizing animation development process and game performance in real-time.
Investigate and resolve animation-related issues.
Collaborate with the animation department to deliver the animations required by each game.

Excellent programming skills in C++.
Ability to estimate task schedules and their dependencies.
3+ years of animation programming experience.
Excellent mathematical and analytical skills.
Experience with performance analysis tools.
Technical documentation and testing knowledge.
Outstanding problem-solving abilities.
Multithreaded development experience.
Understanding of existing animation optimization techniques.
Experience with Unreal Engine 4.
Knowledge of game asset pipelines and tools
Excellent communication skills to enable effective collaboration.