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Audio Designer

Accountable for obtaining all sound effects for a specific production, whether recorded or live. In charge of setting up the sound playback equipment and ensuring that the board operator is properly trained. Responsibilities: Collaborate closely with the Audio Director and Lead Audio Designer to understand and implement the production’s audio direction. Create and integrate immersive, narrative-enhancing sound design.

Own and deliver on elements of the project’s audio experience that are of high quality. Requirements: Understanding of basic coding techniques. Film/linear post-production abilities. Experience with music editing and a good understanding of music theory are both advantageous. Excellent recording talents for SFX and Foley in the studio and in the field. Excellent command of Audiokinetic’s Wwise.

Extensive expertise in incorporating sound into games using a variety of game development tools, pipelines and technology. Strong communication abilities, as well as the ability to deliver excellent sound design. At least four years of sound design/gaming sound experience, preferably in AAA. Knowledge of DAWs and sample editors is required. Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). Extensive knowledge of special effects and ambient sound design.