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Bailiffs maintain order within a courtroom and protect judges, jurors, and other court personnel.

Take unlawful firearms from those entering the courtroom and keep them.
Maintain order in the courtroom during the trial and protect the jurors from outside interaction.
Guard quarters for the jury that has been imprisoned.
To avoid jury contact with the public, provide jury escort to restaurants and other venues outside of the courtroom.
Enforce courtroom behavior regulations and advise people not to smoke or disrupt court proceedings.
Notify the sheriff’s office if you require police or medical assistance.
Examine the courtroom for security and cleanliness, and ensure that all necessary supplies are available for the judge’s use.
Declare the arrival of the judge.

Requires a high school diploma or a GED.
Have a background in criminal justice, law enforcement, or civil rights
A bachelor’s degree as well as related work experience.