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Bike Patrol Officer

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Bike Patrol Officer

Enforce laws and respond to emergencies within the geographical area to which they have been assigned.

Responds to various types of calls while performing uniform patrol duties.
Patrolling designated areas and serving as a field training officer
Carrying out undercover investigations
Working as a jailer, serving warrants, and other general law enforcement duties
Working in high-stress, high-risk situations.
Report to the designated person

Must be at least 18 years old.
Have a high school diploma or equivalent, or at least five years of verifiable experience
Possess effective written and oral communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to deal professionally and effectively with all levels of personnel and the general public.
State and/or local laws and regulations govern licensing requirements, which may be required prior to employment.
Demonstrate exceptional customer service and communication abilities.
Have intermediate computer skills to operate cutting-edge wireless technology at client sites.
Capability to handle crisis situations calmly and efficiently at the client site
Bike patrols of assigned locations’ interior and exterior areas
Both verbally and in writing, reports safety concerns, security breaches, and unusual circumstances.