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Business Analyst – Client Analyst

Interact with customers to analyze, evaluate and solve problems. Analyze and solve problems working in partnership with the department of the company in question.

Manage client-facing training, manuals and solution guides.
Onboarding and training of new clients.
Maintaining data acquisition, performing regular data refreshes and configuring users.
Collaborating with clients to find, build and deploy ad hoc requests.
In addition to client consultancies, such as face-to-face workshops and advanced training.
Diagnosing and resolving client data issues.
Client support, including responding to support emails and phone calls.

Management of Agile Projects.
Data transformation/visualization tools including Excel, Knime, Omniscope.
SQL (MySQL, Ingres/Vectorwise).
Python / Javascript.
An analytical and numerate mind, capable of standardizing data from multiple sources and detecting potential anomalies.
Experience in gathering client requirements.
Adaptable and solution-focused.