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Business Intelligence Data Analyst

Provide intelligence to your business by taking an evidence-based approach that can be obtained through the analysis of corporate data.
Providing insight into CRM data, understanding key metrics and making suggestions for improvement.
Assist the contact center with analytical support, identifying new opportunities for new initiatives and campaigns to improve conversion.
Present findings to all levels of management.
Produce Business Intelligence or Management Intelligence reports based on data from across the organisation and provide actionable insight and recommendations.
Provide a wide range of ad hoc analyses to all departments.
Create, manage and improve existing and regular reports.
Take briefs from management at all levels, understand their needs and provide data-driven answers to business questions.
Provide accurate and timely analysis to a variety of departments throughout the organization.
Using data visualization and business intelligence tools to create easily digestible and interactive dashboards.
Identify trends and troubleshoot ahead of time.
Managing self-service reports and ensuring their accuracy, usefulness and effectiveness.
Delivering actionable insight from complex data, suggestions for changes and improvements and monitoring changes over time.

Strong communication skills, always looking for ways to improve.
Ideally, you should have prior experience with Power BI or a similar platform.
Ability to recognize trends and tell a story using data.
Excel power user.
Demonstrate an ability to establish relationships with management at all levels.
Strong problem solver with an inquisitive personality and the ability to work autonomously and proactively.
Experience creating BI analysis and visualizing data in dashboards using tools such as Tableau, Power BI and Qlikview among others.
Experienced in presenting complex data and information to a non-technical audience in an understandable manner.
Experience in tools such as R, Python, Google Analytics, CRM tools, Alteryx would be helpful but not essential.
Excellent SQL experience is crucial ie scripting, querying databases, etc.
Proven capacity to interpret data and align it to the business, making recommendations.