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Supervising the transportation of passengers or cargo by boat or ship They are in charge of adhering to proper safety procedures and keeping track of all goods and people aboard their vessels.

Accountable for the safety and well-being of everyone on board.
Monitors the organization and the execution of emergency drills. ensure policy application and gives needed staff instructions
Ensures that legislation are followed on board.
In charge of the vessel’s safe sailing.
Entirely responsible for crisis management and emergency response.
Ensures that the ship follows all procedures.
Acts as the primary company ambassador throughout ports of call, interacting with company partners and guests.
Ensures that any voyage report is sent to the shoreside offices regularly.
In charge of ensuring that standard processes are followed.

Master’s Certificate
Excellent management abilities.
Have a valid passport and, if possible, a copy of your sailor book.
Tolerance to Stress.
Flight on type within the last 12 months.
Before beginning work onboard, a recognized medical certification is required.
Masters or Polytechnic degree in technical ship operations.
Passengers acquaint themselves with the ship.
Oral and written English fluency. Any additional European language is regarded as a plus.