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Cell Biologist

Study cells, including their functions, systems, structures, and interactions with living organisms. These biologists often work in the medical field and focus on the treatment of illness.

Providing professional data interpretation, developing novel solutions to challenges and laying out plans for future tests.
Clearly and concisely communicating experimental data and significant conclusions to project teams.
Providing in vitro data in accordance with the study strategy as agreed upon with the team leader or project supervisor.
Creating and keeping detailed experimental records.
Keeping up with new advancements in the literature to support projects.

Positive and cooperative team player eager to improve and master new abilities.
Attention to detail
Excellent communication and presenting skills
Evidence of a high level of technical and experimental abilities to bring findings from the laboratory environment to a practical and medical use
Ability to devise and support medical trials, analyzing the data collected, making conclusions and deciding on how to progress the development of the product.