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Coast Guard

Help avert the loss of life along the coast and at sea by coordinating and supporting search and rescue operations.

Secures ports, enforces maritime rules and regulations, performs search and rescue missions, and enforces environmental restrictions.
Prevent, disrupt, and respond to terrorist attacks, sabotage, espionage, or subversive acts in the United States Maritime Transportation System.
Deter and disrupt the illegal drug trade, dismantle transnational organized crime, and keep these threats from reaching American soil.
Promote safe, legal, and orderly migration operations by enforcing US immigration laws, adhering to international human-smuggling treaties, and repatriating unauthorized migrants.
Establish maritime standards, perform inspections and investigations, collaborate with boating safety organizations, and license US mariners to prevent accidents and property losses.

Bachelor’s degree in any field
United States citizenship is necessary.
A current state driver’s license
Meet the position’s physical requirements.
A minimum of three years of experience in a related discipline is required.
Punctuality, dependability, and excellent communication skills are required.
Leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities are required.
Good literacy and numeracy skills, as well as computer and keyboard skills
Excellent verbal and written communication abilities
Self-motivation and good analytical abilities are required.
Detail-orientedness, prioritization ability, and time management
Quick learner with a cheerful demeanor
Maintain excellent relationships with essential stakeholders.