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Complaints Handler

Examining and resolving customer and third-party complaints and disputes, ensuring a superior customer experience and a fair outcome

Completely research and analyze all complaints to provide a fair and complete resolution to the consumer.
All complaints are resolved within company-specified service level agreements so regulatory deadlines and procedures are followed.
While resolving a complaint, notify the team manager of any tendencies discovered.
Meetings, including phone calls between complainants and employees, must be facilitated and recorded.
Request necessary information from internal and external sources to investigate the complaint.
Guarantee the company culture is followed at all times and consider the customer’s point of view to ensure a fair and impartial resolution.
Keep up with regulatory changes.
Excellent familiarity with all client profiles.
To demonstrate a fair and reasonable solution, assess complaints and give reparation recommendations.

Ability to establish and maintain working connections with both internal and external partners.
Good call management skills, including active listening.
Punctual and well-organized.
Capable of working under pressure, multitasking and prioritizing work.
Good telephone manners.
Basic understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation’s requirements.
Excellent communication skills, both written and oral and record-keeping abilities.
Computer literate.
Self-motivated and capable of working in a high-pressure, fast-paced workplace.
Ability to establish a connection with consumers and empathize with them.
Possess perseverance and determination to complete the case.