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Consultant Psychiatrist

Assess, diagnose, and treat patients with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations, improve treatment plans, prescribe medicine, and assess treatment results.

Maintain overall responsibility for patient treatment plans while coordinating with the multidisciplinary team.
Working effectively and cooperatively with a multidisciplinary team to provide a specialized service.
Understanding of risk assessment and risk management concepts.
Capability to collaborate with and lead a multidisciplinary team.
Carrying out monthly patient review meetings.
Attending meetings on Clinical Governance, Health and Safety and referrals.
Examining each of their inpatients to ensure that these assessments are documented.
Supervising the referral and admission process, including participating in pre-admission assessments of patients with other team members.
Giving the multidisciplinary team a psychiatric perspective on patient assessment, formulation and treatment.

Complete a Medical Doctor degree and then complete a 4-year psychiatric residency
Obtain certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN), requirements vary between states
Mainitainand renew the ABPN certification