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Flight Attendant

Performing safety checks prior to flight departure, providing passengers with food and beverages, and demonstrating emergency procedures such as putting on oxygen masks, buckling seat belts, and using exit doors

Participate in pre-flight briefings to discuss flight details, weather, and service plans.
Perform pre-flight safety checks.
Prepare the aircraft by ensuring that the cabin areas meet cleanliness standards.
Ensures that food, beverages, and other supplies are on board and adequately stocked.
Greet passengers, assist with a prompt seat assignment, and ensure all carry-on luggage and personal items are properly stowed in overhead or under-seat storage.
Instruction on safety/emergency procedures is provided, as is a demonstration of the proper use of seat belts, oxygen masks, and flotation devices.
Provides in-flight food and beverage services, collecting payment as needed.
Answers passenger questions about flight information such as time, service, aircraft details, weather, delays, etc.

High school diploma or equivalent is required.
Attend Airline safety training course and pass/hold the necessary certificate
Additional spoken languages are highly preferred
Experience in a related customer service or hospitality role is ideal
First Aid and CPR training is required.
Background check and security clearance is be required.
Ability to maintain a calm demeanor and give clear instructions, especially in emergency situations.
Capability to manage disobedient or disruptive passengers.
Understanding of relevant airline safety and security guidelines and regulations.