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Head of English

Lead the department by inducting, designing, deploying, motivating, and appraising staff as required to ensure that they understand their roles and that high standards are met and preserved.

To identify, set and monitor and evaluate the Department’s curriculum’s progress and attainment goals.
To provide strategic leadership in these areas.
To keep track of and evaluate progress toward goals while identifying and executing effective intervention strategies for both individuals and groups of students.
To put together a solid team to help students achieve and make necessary changes.
support and facilitate learning so that children can reach high standards
Individual education plans should be written and implemented, educational attainment should be assessed and challenging but attainable goals should be set.
Creating an engaging and purposeful environment for all students to promote teaching and learning outside of conventional classroom settings.
Developing and implementing comprehensive subject strategies and objectives.
Prepare, prepare and evaluate teaching sessions while keeping abreast of changes in the curriculum.
Build relationships with all young people to encourage their interest in and participation in their education. Build relationships with all young people.
Increasing the utilization of high-quality learning resources. keeping a close eye on the development of students
Ensuring the implementation of High-Performance Learning
Embedding excellent teaching that improves student outcomes is a priority.

Ability to establish positive working relationships with students and staff.
Leadership experience in a whole school or department setting.
Commitment to teaching and learning excellence.
Teaching experience in English