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How to handle work after resigning

After the boss has approved your resignation, you may find working after resigning is difficult as you count the days ahead of starting your new job. 

 But before leaving the office, you are expected to continue working until your employer’s date is fixed. 

This is a difficult phase for many as they may lose interest in the current work. 

Whereas, for some people, this may go well.

Having an end date near at hand, all sensations of being a little bored would now be faded. 

Usually, the notice period lasts a few weeks. 

Working after resigning can be tricky

So you will be thrilled to complete projects and relish not beginning new ones.

Office politics are no longer happening, and you are ecstatic to begin the next chapter of your career.

This need not be the case with everyone.

Some people might feel the extension for a day, week, or even a month as a prolongation of pain.

If you have a longer notice period and your interest has waned, it may be feasible to negotiate a shorter term.

However, this is up to your employer and will be tied to their ease in recruiting your successor, among other considerations.

Your attitude towards the firm will be considered during the notice period.

You are still receiving your total wage.

Remain professional if you’re working after resigning

It is necessary to remain professional, efficient, and productive throughout this period as you are still an employee there. 

Moreover, you may still be depending on your colleagues or superiors for a reference.

So receiving a black mark is detrimental to your career if you want to stay in the industry.

There is human psychology that it doesn’t matter how much good work you did in the course of your time in a role.

How you are remembered will be based on the way you left because every day you leave a new impression on people’s memory.