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How to negotiate a pay rise

negotiate a pay rise

How to negotiate a pay rise can be difficult and many are not granted because they are not requested,

People are typically too hesitant to ask for a salary rise, even if they believe they are entitled to one.

It’s because they don’t want to appear greedy.

Or they don’t want their employer to conclude that they are ungrateful for the money they currently make.

If you’re in a position where you need more money yet believe you’ve earned it, it might be time to be bold and ask for a raise.

You can do it, and you could get it if you take the time to ask in the correct way.

How to negotiate a a pay rise with your boss

Going into your boss’s office and telling him or her that you need a raise isn’t the way to approach the situation. Your employer will be surprised, and you will be less likely to succeed.

It is far preferable to contact your boss and request an appointment.

You can discuss your contributions to the firm as well as your level of salary.

That tells your supervisor you want to discuss more about money.

It shows them that you’re conscious of what you offer to the firm.

It also shows you’re respectful enough of his or her time to request an appointment.

Most employers consider these to be significant advantages.

Be prepared before you go to your appointment and sit down with your boss. You are aware of what you have done for the firm and should be able to explain it.

Don’t talk down to your employer

When you negotiate your pay rise, don’t talk down to your employer or act as if he or she doesn’t understand .

However, you can remind him or her of your accomplishments and how long it’s been since your last pay rise.

And you can explain why you believe a raise is necessary.

Make no threats to leave, discuss how much other employees are paid, or claim that your friend working at some other company does essentially the same job but earns considerably more.

None of these practices will make you look good to your boss or get you that pay raise.

Working hard, being nice, and asking respectfully will boost your chances of receiving more reward for your efforts.