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How To Prepare for The First Day at Work

Many young jobseekers will have completed their studies and be seeking full-time work. 

Some will have found paid work from the outset, while others will begin as apprentices or interns.

No matter where they work, the first days at a new job can be intimidating.

Here are some pointers

  • Make sure you’re on time on your first day, not too early, and certainly not late. Either situation has the potential to throw your boss’s or co-workers’ plans into turmoil.
  • Locate the amenities so that you are confident in knowing where the restrooms, coffee machines, kitchen, and cafeteria are.
  • At least initially, smile and take on basic jobs like making the beverages.  Consider it a friendly opportunity to meet everyone, remember their names, and tell them about yourself. It’s beneficial to learn about the company from the ground up. Bring in a packet of high-quality biscuits as a cheap yet effective way to say “hello.”
  • Make an effort to memorize your work email address, names of co-workers, job titles, and where everyone is located.
  • Always Learn. Yes, you may have created some beautiful artwork for the school play or written excellent content for your aunt’s company. However, your way may not be their way, and your new boss will want to train you in their requirements, see how skilled you are, enjoy how you work and feel confident. You’ll be a helpful team member and a good match for the company.
  • Be open to new information. The first day at work in your new company is an excellent time to soak up new knowledge, learn some industry tactics, and observe how things are done in the organization. If you’re unsure, have the bravery to ask, but be prepared to listen, listen, listen!
  • Make notes as you study, and keep them somewhere you’ll be able to find them later. Make a list of essential points to remember.