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How to write a great IT resume

IT workers are vital for any company and like in most areas, it’s important you know how to write an IT resume.

Resumes are typically documents you create when you apply for a new profession and do not think about until it’s time to move on. 

The IT industry can be aggressive, but if you’re reading this, you’re interested in bettering your IT career so you can stand out. 

Writing a great IT resume is the ideal way to land a new job. 

Here are some tips on how to write a good IT resume

Emphasize your skills

This may seem obvious, but your IT resume should only highlight your strengths. 

Also, provide your expertise on your IT resume. 

Make sure you add if you’re great at dealing with clients or end-users. The goal is to demonstrate to your potential future employer all of your skills and why they must hire you

List achievements instead of responsibilities

You will have had definite tasks or things you had to do as part of your previous roles. These should be included on your resume, but the key is how they are phrased. They should be phrased as an accomplishment rather than a responsibility

Don’t forget to include references from previous employers on your IT resume

If you are able, ask your previous employers to provide you with work testimonials. You don’t have to mention you’re looking for a new job; simply state that you’d like it for forthcoming reference. 

Testimonials can be written by anyone you’ve worked with, but obviously, only choose those you believe will write a positive one for your IT resume.

Put your most significant information below your contact details

The name, phone number, and email address ought to always be at the top of your resume. But what should you put next? What are you hoping your reader will notice next? The most crucial information about your career or skills should be written down next. This is due to the fact that it stands out and is the first thing the employer notices.

Use language both IT staff and non-IT staff can comprehend

Your IT resume will likely be read by a few people. To begin with, recruitment would most likely read it. Someone else in HR, senior management, the technical team, or the team for which the position was advertised may have read your IT resume. As a result, the language used in the resume should be comprehensible to both IT and non-IT employees.

Be wary of spelling and grammar on your IT resume

This is a critical point that applies not only to IT resumes but to other types of resumes and even other paperwork. Your spelling and grammar on your resume should be immaculate.