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Immigration/Customs Inspector

Implement immigration, import, and export laws meticulous inspection of individuals and goods that cross the border into the United States.

Serves at a specific port of entry, which could be a seaport, an international airport, a rail station, or a vehicle border crossing.
Inspects people entering the United States and acts as domestic security against terrorist threats.
Inspect passengers’ luggage and cargo when they enter the United States.
Seizes contraband that is being transported in passenger baggage or cars.
Ensures that all things purchased overseas are declared by travelers and that any necessary tariffs or taxes are collected.
Investigates agricultural imports into the United States.
Examines shipping manifests to ensure that the items being shipped do not violate US laws regarding the nation of origin.
Other related duties may be assigned.

Bachelor’s degree in related subject desirable; high school diploma or equivalent necessary.
Completion of a training course at the Customs Border Protection Academy.
Experience in a comparable field for at least two years is preferred.
For security clearance, you must pass a background check.
Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
Attention to detail is exceptional.
Inspection and detection of illicit items in luggage.
Knowledge of the laws and regulations governing immigration and customs in the United States.