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iOS Developer

Responsible for building applications for Apple’s iOS operating system on mobile devices. In addition must have a thorough understanding of the iOS platform’s policies and practices.

Assisting with the team’s product roadmap.
To identify, design and launch new features, work with cross-functional teams.
Excellent in terms of creativity and technology.
To design and develop applications for the iOS platform as needed in a commercial working environment.
Robustness, usability and general dependability are tested in unit tests.
Coding comments are used to ensure components, classes and procedures and self-document at the code level.
Creating and designing mobile apps for Apple’s iOS platform.
Identifying and resolving application bottlenecks. designing and deploying application changes
Contribute to the architecture of the entire technology stack.
Ensuring that coding standards are adhered to
Fix issues according to deadlines


iOS application development experience with product focus.
Understanding of UIKit, Core Animation, GCD and Networking. Analytics, Remote Reporting and Measuring.
Must be constantly reducating on developments in the areas of technology, software engineering design patterns and system architecture.
Experience with multiple architectures including MVC.
Have a solid understanding of Objective-C and Swift.
Strong experience creating native iOS (Swift) applications.
Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.
Familiarity with CI/CD tools and processes.
Working knowledge of RESTful APIs.
Continuous integration experience
Understanding of iOS back-end services is required.
Working knowledge in iOS programming.
Push alerts, APIs and cloud messaging are all things you should be acquainted with.
Must be familiar with Apple’s design principles and application interface rules.