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Kitchen Assistant

Assist other kitchen staff of all levels with the large range of tasks required to keep kitchen operations running smoothly, especially cleaning, washing, and preparation tasks.

Properly cleaning and sanitizing all food preparation areas according to established standards of hygiene.
Washing and appropriately storing all cooking appliances.
Assisting with the inspection and monitoring of kitchen and food storage equipment.
Conduct and record temperature checks for fridges and freezers
Assisting the Cook with the preparation of meal ingredients, which includes washing, cleaning, peeling, cutting, and chopping fruit, vegetables, poultry, and meat.
Sweeping and mopping the kitchen floors as well as wiping down kitchen walls.
Assisting with the unloading of delivered food supplies and their correct storage.
Promptly transferring meal ingredients from storage areas to the kitchen as per the Chef’s instructions.
Stirring and heating soups and sauces as well as preparing hot beverages.
Clean and wash all utensils, cutting boards, and dishes.
Sweep and mop the floors at the start and end of each shift.
Clean and sanitize all kitchen work surfaces (counters, sinks, stoves and walls).
Maintaining a clean and well-organized work environment.
Keeping all places clean and neat at all times to ensure a secure functioning environment.
Assure that health and safety regulations are followed.

Ability to work quickly and efficiently.
All necessary food safety and hygiene certificates must be held and maintained
Physically fit and able to carry items