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Lab Analyst

Conduct complex chemical tests on materials and samples. Log and analyze the data revealed by lab tests with care. Inventory supplies should be managed by keeping track of materials used and ordering new items as needed.

To aid in the generation of accurate and timely data per customer expectations and lab standards
Sample preparation as determined by work schedule.
Analytical data should be generated, recorded and reported per departmental policies.
Complete work and paperwork following external regulatory bodies and internal company procedures’ compliance criteria.
Ability to provide suggestions and come up with new ideas.
Maintain a proper attendance and timekeeping record following the department’s general working procedures.
Using basic problem-solving strategies, investigate anomalous results.
When there isn’t enough information, consult the Divisional Manager.
Maintaining adequate inventories of reagents and standards, as well as storing and labeling them.
Assist in the accurate and organized storage of QC and sample data per the companies’ quality systems.
Chromatographic data interpretation

Preferable to have prior knowledge of the theory and practice
Extensive experience testing breathing goods is preferred but not required.
Take an optimistic attitude about your own training.
Extensive experience with pharma analysis is strongly preferred.
Excellent decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
To work productively with or without supervision as needed.
Excellent organizational, interpersonal and time management abilities.
When carrying out work, show regard for safety and Standard Guidelines.
Basic statistical knowledge.
Excellent communication abilities.
Analytical Chemistry and its applications