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Lead Auditor

Ensure the efficient performance of accurate audits, manage a team of junior auditors and maintain audit quality and financial accuracy of your business.

Establishing contact with suppliers or site representatives to conduct audits.
Managing larger or multi-discipline projects.
Ensure audits are conducted to the required standard.
Assisting with personnel training as needed.
Assume responsibility for obtaining, extending and maintaining personal qualifications and professional development.
Work independently in various fields and disciplines.
Actively contribute to the success of the team and collaborate to create results.
Plan, Implement, prepare and review audits.
Regularly report to superiors.
Update all ongoing audit projects as required.
Build customer loyalty through quality-based audits and professional methods.
Business development activities: identify and implement new services.

Internal audit experience in professional service companies or large and complex commercial organizations.
Excellent communication skills, able to develop and maintain strong working relationships and face doubts when necessary.
Knowledge and experience in data analysis will be beneficial.
Excellent knowledge of key business processes, internal control frameworks and risk management strategies.
Bachelors in Accounting or Finance.