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Manufacturing Engineer

Investigate the requirements of each production process and related products to determine the most efficient operating procedure

Assist production where needed throughout the manufacturing process
Conduct feasibility studies to estimate production costs and examine capital equipment, capacity and capability needs.
Maximizing the productivity of a production line while maintaining product quality.
Review the production processes to reduce costs, enhance quality and increase efficiency.
Keep informed of new manufacturing techniques and machinery.
When required assist in the approval of capital expenditure bids and project completion.
To research suppliers and partners and take part in the tender process
Implementation of continuous improvement projects
Write Standard Operating Procedures and/or Visual Work Instructions
Support the prototype construction, participate in the prototype build, review the lessons learned and make the feedback loop to design easier.
Justify every investment by providing a readily measurable return on investment for each project or capital commitment.
Assist in identifying the root cause of any production issues. Be part of the design and Implementation of appropriate Corrective and Preventive Actions

Have a solid grasp of engineering drawings.
A possible background working in a machine shop.
Excellent written, verbal and social communication skills.
Excellent organizational abilities.
Assist in the identification, specification and purchase of required capital equipment.
Basic quality control system knowledge
Solid work software working knowledge