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Martial Instructor

Planning and scheduling classes, offering practical instruction, and making sure that students learn and operate in a safe, supportive environment.

Instructing students on grade-appropriate kata and Kumite techniques.
Educating students on the historical and theoretical foundations of these techniques.
Creating a climate of discipline and respect in the classroom.
Supervising students to ensure that interactions are always safe.
Encouraging the appropriate application of techniques learned both in and out of the classroom.
To promote safety, parents, businesses, and other members of the public are given lectures and demonstrations.
Organizing and leading relevant events like gradings, workshops, boot camps, Championships, and tournaments.

Black belt in the style of your choice.
Prior teaching experience in martial arts to students of various ages and fitness levels.
It is preferable to have demonstrated the ability to prepare students for participation in local, national, and international tournaments.
No criminal record.
Physically quick.
Outstanding leadership abilities.
Excellent verbal communication skills, as well as the ability to command attention.
Approach to teaching that is respectful, supportive, and equitable.
Outstanding event planning abilities.