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Accountable for studying the growth, structure development, and other properties of microscopic organisms like bacteria, algae, and fungi

Incoming biological indicators are tested quarterly.
Carry out associated responsibilities as given.
Keep track of and order lab equipment.
To carry out method validation tasks and write reports.
Provide financial assistance for microbiological research projects.
Assist in the training of new employees.
To verify the microbiological, quality and safety of all goods per customer needs.
To ensure that water samples (bioburden/chemical) and raw materials are tested following legislation.
Microbiological study of environmental samples collected from production, aseptic suites and other cleanroom locations.
Carry out all of the responsibilities of a Level F Assistant Microbiology

Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology is recommended.
An advanced degree is preferred.
Three or more years of work experience in a laboratory setting.