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Nature Conservation Officer

Protect, manage and preserve wildlife and the local environment that is tier habitat. Promote the preservation of the environment in many ways from educating the public to enforcing laws.

Enforce local laws relating to wildlife such as fishing/hunting laws and licences
Carry out observation of wildlife in their natural habitat and react to any changes in behaviour
Study the local ecosystem and react appropriately to any changes
Manage volunteer activities and conservation projects ie talks and tours.
Monitor biodiversity and prepare conservation reports
Consult on projects with environmental impact from construction to pollution events
Developing and implementing policies to implement sustainable development.
Monitor and report on ongoing environmental impact on natural habitat
Take part in relocation wildlife relocation projects
Educate the public as to how to preserve their local habitat, this can be done by developing and running visitor attractions, school visits,

Must enjoy working outdoors and with animals
Need to be able to work alone and in teams
Must have leadership qualities and be able to think on their feet as situations change and develop
Peace office training may be required in some states, as a firearm is carried
Driving licence is required as well as experience and training in off terrain driving often
First Aid course qualifications are useful as well
Keen observation techniques are needed