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Nursing Home Nurse

Establishing treatment strategies for patients with chronic illnesses and providing assistance to patients and their families Besides changing dressings, delivering prescriptions, and teaching patients how to navigate halls and use facility equipment, these specialist nurses also execute a variety of direct care procedures.

Provide care for patients and residents according to the specific plan of care set out by their doctor
Accurately monitor and record observations on patients’ conditions.
Keep detailed records of resident care, and medicine administration.
Ensure you have all of the necessary supplies needed to carry out the patient care
Always be aware of the patient and personal safety and carry out risk assessments for every situation as it develops.
Consult and coordinate with other members of the healthcare team when the patient’s condition changes.
Supervise or train other Nursing workers with less experience
Monitor the nutrition and exercise habits of your patients.
As needed, prepare patients and assist with treatments, surgeries, or tests.
Maintain supply inventories.

Depending on the state laws there are different qualifications that are needed to pass to work in this role. Often the qualifications need to be renewed.
Qualifications relating to health and safety, first aid, risk assessment etc need to be taken and maintained.
An apprenticeship or work experience in a similar position is required.
Excellent problem-solving and observational skills.
The ability to both follow directions and act autonomously when necessary.