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Payroll Accountant

Summarize employee salaries and process salaries. Manage payroll files and create reports. Make sure all payroll procedures comply with government laws and policies.

Monitor employee salaries.
Calculate net wages taking deductions and deductions into account.
Make sure salary and tax documents are accurate.
Update payroll and ledger files.
Compile files, records and accounting schedules.
Monitor paid and unpaid licenses.
Handle overtime and holiday deductions.
Solve salary issues (missing vacations, late payments, etc.)
Answer employee questions about salary.
Participate in payroll audit.
Ensuring compliance with tax and salary laws.

Prior experience as a payroll accountant or in a similar position.
Understand local and government rules on the payroll.
Strong knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel.
Great computational capacity.
Attention to detail.
Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant area.