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Pest Control Technician

Identify the type of pest infestation be it in homes, buildings, offices and other structures then remove it using pesticides or manual solutions.

Inspect the premises for the presence of pests.
Identify pest type, numbers and sources of infestation.
Devise a site-specific plan for pest eradication and future control
Advise on remedial actions that are needed to control pest infestations ie removal of food source, blocking of access point such as a broken pipe
Advise clients on the best ways to avoid future infestations.

Thorough knowledge and certification for handling hazardous chemicals
A driving licence is required to travel to sites
Must have a flexible attitude to work due to unpredictability of travel timings
Good customer service skills are needed as part of monitoring a pest situation will require regular visits to the same clients
Ability to work independently and on your initiative.
Knowledge of local laws and certifications to be issued showing compliance in pest control