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Helping patients by combining and dispensing prescription medications. For Healthcare professionals they offer their expertise in the area of medication from type of medication to dosage

Preparing prescriptions while also reviewing and detecting therapeutic incompatibilities.
Collates, packages, and labels pharmaceuticals in order to dispense them.
Procurement of drug and other hospital supplies,
Keep informed of new drug developments and treatments as well as reformulation and repackaging of established medication.
Implement and adhere to all legal requirements relating to the storage and distribution of drugs
Lead, train and organize a team of technicians to support the pharmacy operational requirements, depending on its workload and size.
Verifying technicians dispensing, labeling, and verifying order entries, charges, and inspections.

Latest hospital experience. active participation in the community..
level qualification. to coordinate a safe and effective pharmaceutical management service for all consumers.
Dedicated to customer service and pleasure.
Possess excellent communication and customer service abilities.
Be able to work independently and efficiently.
To demonstrate a strong commitment to advanced services, including MURs, NMS and flu immunization.
Work following the guidelines and professional standards.
To be in charge of the pharmacy’s management and day-to-day operations.
To grow the business, work as part of a team, train and inspire employees