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Pharmacy Technician

Assist the pharmacist with prescription preparation and distribution, drug inventory management, and patient and pharmacy records management in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as pharmacy policies and procedures.

Optimization of medicines for all patients under their care.
Cross-trained in study operations duties that are appropriate in charge of overseeing visits.
Maintain communication with any other firm that provides a pharmacy supply service.
Assisting with the training of entry-level pharmacy technicians. evaluating patients’ own medications
Taking a medication history and ensuring that discharge drugs are delivered quickly.
Maintain the pharmacy at a sufficient degree of cleanliness and organization.
Contributes to the formulation of Pharmacy Operations Standard Operating Procedures.
Obtaining whatever medications that their patients may demand.
To receive training for various specialized responsibilities,
To supervise the work of student pharmacy technicians and pharmacy support workers (as needed).
Participate in continuous education and assist in dispensary and store stock checks, and participate in in-service training.

Previous experience in a hospital pharmacy.
Registered with a minimum of 3 years experience.
Experience at a hospital.
Communication, interpersonal bargaining and influencing abilities are well-developed.
Ability to take the initiative and operate on your own.
Proven time management abilities,
Ability to prioritize and respond to requests within a reasonable amount of time.
Outstanding interpersonal, communication and persuasion skills.
Ability to think critically.
Excellent writing skills, including the ability to create reports, presentations and proposals.
use competent professional judgment when it comes to legal and ethical matters.