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Piping Engineer

Involved in all stages of the pipeline process, from design, construction, making operational and monitoring. Many different specialties exist depending on what is being transported, over what distance and under what conditions.


Take the project from the design phase to the construction planning stage.
Procurement of all aspects including materials, specialist teams and equipment
Prepare estimates and timetables
Coordinate specialist teams to assist with certain stages of the project
Problem solve as a project progresses, sourcing solutions and determining the scope of modifications and scheduling them
Maintain the needed level of technical excellence in your job.
During construction ensure that Health and safety standards are followed
Ensure all legal requirements are adhered to regarding pipeline safety relating to public health
Keep up to date with advancements in materials and construction methodologies.
Test all installations are fit for purpose and operational before being handed over to the operations team

Competent in the application of analytical methodologies within the subject, as well as theoretical background for analysis programs.
Use of suitable codes of practice, standards and relevant sections of statutory paperwork is a plus.
Engineer with extensive technical knowledge and experience.
Engineer with experience in quality control and quality assurance needs.
For delegated portions of work, be able to estimate man-hours and materials.
Designing safety/environmental requirements, procedures and duties for self and subordinates is a skill.