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Installing and repairing water systems in residential and commercial buildings. Studying and analyzing blueprints and drawings to install and fix plumbing and water supply systems. Also assembling and installing water treatment, heating, etc products

Examine and analyze blueprints and floor plans to comprehend the plumbing and water supply system layout.
Navigate pipe and tube assembly and installation without interfering with existing infrastructure.
Assemble the valves, fittings, tubes, and water system components.
Install and keep building water systems in good working order.
Troubleshoot and repair water supply line problems.
Repair and replace system problems such as clogged drains, faucet issues, and broken drainage lines, among others.
Keep up to date on state regulations affecting plumbing work.

Completion of an apprenticeship with a licenced plumber
Ability to study plumbing systems, materials, and equipment
Learn state plumbing regulations and complete all necessary qualifications
Customer service and client focus skills
Problem-solving and analytical abilities
Learn how to use plumbing tools and equipment
Good interpersonal and verbal communication skills