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Production Engineer

Construct electrical circuits and components for applications in many varied areas from telecommunications, aeronautical guidance and propulsion control, acoustics and instruments. Use electronic data and elements attributes, design or test electronic parts and systems for plug, manufacturing, army, or scientific purposes.

Monitor and Evaluate Job results and process development
Meeting the agreed-upon sampling goals.
Develop and execute enhancements to support growth, working with the Production Manager.
Supervising and supporting production modifications, tool changes, automation, robotics and machine troubleshooting.
Reports on Capex should provide rationale.
Participate in cross-functional project teams to improve the manufacturing process efficiency
Ownership of the BOMs in terms of engineering and process
An investigation into the processes involved.
Ensuring that the product continues to be produced efficiently through monitoring and changing the manufacturing process, as well as addressing short-term concerns
Produce and amend programs for all CNC machines using CAM systems and associated set-up sheets and tooling lists
Ensure routine equipment maintenance is carried out, including continuous line setup and balance improvement.
Coordination of subcontracts

HNC in Production Engineering – Required, demonstrated knowledge and understanding of metal cutting, turning and milling/drilling.
Demonstrated experience in process planning products through manufacturing processes.
Ability to prioritize and the ability to remain calm under pressure.
Experience with project engineering.
Experience in manufacturing, automotive, airports, FMCG, distribution, or a related field is preferred.
Degree or five years of experience in the product or system installation in the field.