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Public Health Nurse

Specialize in offering community healthcare and work for public health departments.

Offering nursing services and healthcare education at homes and community clinics.
Using healthcare assessments to develop treatment and intervention plans.
Teaching patients’ families how to care for them and encouraging them to live healthy lives.
collaborating with other healthcare providers on treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation strategies.
Providing maternity and childcare advice, as well as assisting with interventions as needed.
Implementing immunization programs and advocating for disease prevention and control.
Inventorying and refilling medical supplies, as well as keeping medical equipment in good working order.
Keeping track of and updating patient files and medical records.
Participating in health education programs and staying current on public health developments.

BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) (BSN).
Registered Nurse with a state license (RN).
APHN-BC (Advanced Public Health Nurse) certification is preferred.
3-5 years of experience in a similar job is required.
Knowledge of electronic health record management systems like Nightingale Notes and Axxess.
Extensive experience assessing, treating, and coordinating therapies.
Advanced knowledge of healthcare and disease prevention for patients and their families.