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Safety Engineer

Responsible for making the working environment safe for all employees in the company. This is done by ensuring that health and safety standards set by both the company and local government are adhered to. This is carried out in many ways, from training staff to monitoring procedures.

Providing all safety-related advice to the heads of departments
Promoting a safety culture within the organization.
Ensure awareness of safety throughout all design or project development processes
Training employees in all aspects of safety from office fire to machine-specific hazards
Conduct system and process safety assessments.
Produce safety cases and hazard logs
On safety issues, liaise with regulatory/certifying authorities, customers and suppliers.
Keep up to date on all changes in legal safety requirement changes
Lead the supervising teams for given projects and coordinate the safety effort.
Providing employees with safety equipment and protective products and ensuring that equipment is fit for purpose
Assuring that safety outcomes are compliant with company and regulatory policies.

Specialize in various areas of safety ie industrial, electrical, mechanical, chemical engineering.
Hold current license/certificate according to local legislation or law.
Retrain to maintain and expand on any licensure and certification qualifications held.