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School Social Worker

 Conduct administrative tasks in addition to counseling. Assess and resolve the student’s behavioral challenges and social problems in collaboration with parents, teachers, and classmates.

Developing a strategy to assist pupils in adjusting to school life
As needed, participating in the SEN (Special Education Needs) process
Collaboration with school personnel, health experts, and other community organizations
Maintaining accurate case files and reports to track issues and progress of kids
Communication between students, parents, teachers, and administrators is made easier.
Identifying areas where students want further assistance and support
Supporting kids’ safety and, where necessary, taking appropriate measures to safeguard them

Compassion and a friendly demeanor
Knowledge of sociology in general, as well as an understanding of culture and society
The ability to collaborate effectively with others
High level of discretion and professionalism
Patience and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations are required.
Adaptability and willingness to change
Listening and verbal communication abilities that are second to none