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In charge of laboratory equipment management and operation. Blood, urine, and other bodily fluids are tested and studied. Examine test results and write reports for doctors. Maintain quality assurance and safety standards in the laboratory.

Be regarded as a technical specialist and actively present experimental results.
Maintain high standards and strive for improvements within the testing parameters.
Contribute ideas, establish protocols and improve procedures.
Accepting project work, breaking it down into manageable tasks and arranging work for themselves and others.
Examine the manufacturing records.
Working in a cleanroom environment with production teams.
Analytical essays must be carried out to characterize T-cells
Investigate and define any processes that are crucial to T-cell production.
SOPs and manufacturing reps must be prepared, reviewed and revised.
Contribute to the research and manufacture of T-cell treatments.
The successful candidate will work on various customer initiatives centered on in silico protein evaluations and computational design.
You will also have the option to collaborate as a member of cross-functional, multidisciplinary project teams.

Excellent attention to detail and problem-solving abilities, as well as the ability to analyze and comprehend data
Working knowledge of lentiviral vectors and primary human T cells is very desirable.
Experience with T cell therapy manufacturing or a strong immunology background is required.
Familiarity with biomolecular simulation tools, such as molecular dynamics
Experience evaluating the performance of technologies/formulas in Personal Care and Home Care is preferred.
It is crucial to be passionate about quality and customer service.
Aseptic working, microplate inoculation and microbiological evaluation experience are necessary.
It would be preferable if you had experience delivering process improvement.
Ph.D. or equivalent in Structural Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Bioinformatics, preferably with industry experience.
It would be good if you have some industry experience in microbiology.
Advanced analytical and critical problem-solving abilities, as well as scientific creativity