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Senior Auditor

Thorough understanding of auditing practices and be thorough and analytical. Should be reliable, have good organizational strength and have experience in risk management and compliance.

Plan and oversee the audit process.
Assign responsibilities to staff and junior auditors.
Review the work of team members to ensure accuracy and compliance.
Perform effective risk assessment and management.
Complete the audit on time and submit the report to the audit manager.
Report audit results and find ways to improve compliance and effectiveness.
Coordinate regular audits.

Substantial experience as an auditor.
A deep understanding of audit and management practices.
Up-to-date knowledge of applicable laws and regulations.
Familiar with MS Office (especially Excel) and accounting software.
Strong mathematical and analytical skills.
Attention to detail.
Organizational strength and leadership skills.
Integrity and reliability.
Bachelor / Bachelor of Science in Accounting or Finance; Master’s Degree.