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Site Engineer

Primarily work on construction projects. They are part of the construction supervision team and apply their skills and experience to oversee teams and contractors carry out their work as required.

Understand complex designs and project management documents and bring them to the execution phase.
Workload planning, organisation and supervision for the site teams.
Implement the site project plan into action.
Recognize and assist with site safety systems.
Conduct necessary inspections on completed work for sign off to the next stage of construction.
Ensure effective site communication and be able to personally effectively communicate with management
Be proactive and reactive to changing situations on-site ie problem solving
Ensure site document control so the most recent version is used
Possess leadership qualities
Manage on-site labor and attend progress meetings.

 A bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction, or a related field is required.
A valid driver’s licence.
Previous experience in a similar capacity.
Additional certificates or licences will be required.
Solid understanding of engineering, construction, and design
Outstanding leadership and organisational abilities.
Excellent project management abilities.
Projects require the ability to apply logical and critical thinking skills.
Excellent written and vocal communication abilities.