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Social Services Coordinator

Responsible for overseeing targeted student recruitment, enrollment, and social services in accordance with state and federal regulations. Furthermore, provides administrative support to the entire district.

. Assisting administrative staff at the district level in developing and implementing recruitment, selection, and enrollment procedures for targeted students and families in accordance with federal and state regulations.
Coordination with community partners and agencies to reach out to the most vulnerable populations.
Establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships with other staff, families, and agencies to ensure successful service delivery.
Assisting with program oversight and coordination of social services and family involvement efforts.
Making and keeping accurate records and documentation.
Assisting in the training and development of social services personnel. Assisting with data collection, monitoring, and reporting for enrollment and social services.
Effective communication with parents/guardians, community partners, and staff.
Creating materials for program outreach and public awareness. Recommending program changes for continuous service improvement. Taking the initiative to fulfill performance responsibilities.

Minimum of Associate’s degree.
Coordination, recruitment, enrollment and/or social services functions.
Effective Communique skills.
Computer or data entry skills.