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Social Worker

Assist clients in dealing with day-to-day issues. Assist clients who are experiencing problems as a result of neglect, abuse, domestic violence, mental health, or parental substance abuse.

Carry out single assessments.
Prepare a conference report. Be in charge of all assigned children and families’ evaluation, planning, monitoring and review functions.
Conducting rigorous and educated assessments of need and risk.
Conducting section investigations on assigned and duty matters as needed.
Attend any court hearings as needed and provide evidence as needed.
To promote a strengths-based approach with community-based solutions.
Coordinate with the team manager and ensure that each child has a documented Care Plan that can be presented to review.
To encourage the stability and permanence of placements for looked-after children.
Through supervision, you will be able to provide advice and development.
Foster Carers are given advice and support.
Developing Care Leaver Pathway Plans.
To guarantee that deadlines for Court reports and panel documents are met as necessary.

Working with those with learning difficulties, the elderly, or those who have recently been hospitalized.
Proficient case management abilities.
Professional Social Work degree.
Understanding of the related procedure and guidelines.
Separate time for quality reflective monitoring and learning from quality audits regularly.
Permit to park. Agile functioning. A supportive management team. and a broad workload
Approach the leadership team and the primary social worker frequently.
Mentoring help from the practice development manager and precise line management.