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Social Work Assistant

Support social work that promotes non-profit initiatives on various social media platforms. You need to be able to work on the project and handle all kinds of volunteer activities. We will work to raise awareness and support financing.

Taking on direction work with children.
Arranging and supervising contact meetings with parents in order to meet the child’s needs as defined by the court.
To keep accurate case records and to fulfill your role, prepare any relevant documentation as needed.
To provide or assist in the provision of services to meet and assist users in the exercise of their welfare rights as appropriate.
Transport children and families to medical examinations and appointments when necessary.
Conduct investigations into allegations of child neglect, abuse, or ill-treatment under the supervision of experienced social workers.
Carry out family work related to preventative work, providing guidance and support.

Assessment experience.
Experience working in a team
Basic knowledge of current issues in children’s social care, as well as legislation.
Understanding of confidentiality.
Dedicated to continuous improvement.
Extensive report writing and record-keeping experience are required.
Experience working with children, youth and families from various backgrounds and with a variety of needs.